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November 15 2016

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October 09 2016

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August 16 2016

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June 07 2016

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June 02 2016

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May 07 2016

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January 16 2016

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No Escape
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October 18 2015

September 23 2015

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September 16 2015

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September 09 2015


BARDZO PROSZĘ O WYPEŁNIANIE MOJEJ ANKIETY O GRACH KOMPUTEROWYCH I NAUCE ANGIELSKIEGO, KAŻDY GŁOS SIĘ LICZY! Potrzebuję do magisterki, Z góry dziękuję!!! This is a survey for non-native speakers of English who play computer games, i need it for my MA thesis, thank you
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September 07 2015

July 12 2015

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I don’t get it


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June 18 2015

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June 08 2015

Aperture Scientific Water Bottle 24oz Dihydrogen Monoxide Containment Unit WARNING: May cause diaphoresis, micturition, and acute tissue hydration.
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March 28 2015

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February 01 2015

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Portal Stories: Mel - Trailer [60fps]
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January 18 2015

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December 27 2014

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The light from the sunset only shines through the left window in my room, leaving the other untouched. Happy I get to see this every evening.

November 2014

Now you’re thinking with portals

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Portal Trick Shots

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